Introducing eFacilitation


What is eFacilitation?

A seamless virtual environment for video facilitations.

What makes eFacilitation special?

Traditional video conferencing systems have inherent limitations that are not well-suited to the needs of a facilitation.  Most importantly, traditional video conferencing does not allow critical private conversations between distinct parties without leaving the video conference.  Our eFacilitation platform was custom tailored to address and overcome these limitations. 

Is eFacilitation different than a traditional facilitation?

I conduct an eFacilitation in much the same way I would in an office environment.  The attorneys (and clients) follow easy instructions to join and then wait in a virtual lobby for the eFacilitation to begin.  From there, each attorney (and client) is “moved” into their own private virtual conference room.  This allows attorneys to “sit” with their clients and engage in confidential discussions.  It also allows me to enter (and exit) each conference room for private settlement discussions. 

Does eFacilitation allow me to interact with other participants?

Absolutely, in addition to a private conference room for you and your client(s), the platform is set up with other virtual spaces as well.  A typical eFacilitation might include an Attorney Only Lounge, a Co-Plaintiff Conference Room, a Co-Defendant Conference Room, or even a virtual “hallway” for quick private chats.  Need another room all to yourself so you aren’t “sitting” in a video chat with your client the whole time?  No problem, I can create as many rooms as you need, each one is private and secure from anyone outside the room (including me). 

Does eFacilitation allow for screen sharing and other types of collaboration?

You bet.  In addition to screen sharing, the platform provides a virtual whiteboard for every room that you can even save when you are done.  The parties can also share documents and group or private text chat, all within the platform. 

Do I need special hardware for eFacilitation?

Not really.  While a webcam with audio provides the most interactive experience, any party can join from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone.  In most cases, no additional software is required.  Having trouble with the video or audio on your device?  No problem, you can also dial into the eFacilitation and participate in exactly the same way.

Is eFacilitation perfect?

As much as we think it is great, nothing will ever replace good old fashioned one-on-one interaction.  With that said, we custom tailored this platform to replicate the “traditional” facilition as closely as possible and everyone seems very pleased with the result. 

Is eFacilitation safe and secure?

The root platform utilizes an end-to-end Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm.  The same one used by the US Military for top-secret (classified) information.